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about Motitus

Shay Harris (Owner of SHuZik Productions) aka Motitus was born in Lake Havasu City, AZ in 1987. Motitus grew up moving multiple times going to multiple schools and eventually joining the military in 2006. While serving, Motitus has traveled the World, versing himself in different cultures and customs. This is where he found his passion for EDM. On his off time, Motitus was DJ'ing small venues and gigs where he created the energy of the parties through EDM mixing

Currently, Motitus is enrolled in Full Sail University, where he plans on graduating soon with a B.S. degree in Audio Production. He has his own home studio where he records, mixes and masters his own projects. His inspiration comes from countless months spent in other countries, his love of Jesus, and his passion of EDM. He is the founder of SHuZik Productions and works closely with a good friend that is the owner of Homewood Studios 432Hz.


Motitus explains that, he loves the intricacies of EDM and enjoys the technical processes that is required in audio production. Music is the way he freely pursues peace and hopes that others will find enjoyment out his creations as well. 

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